Tropical Storm Colin


   I’m sure you are all wondering how Harbour Village fared in Tropical Storm Colin. I don’t imagine you heard that we had an equally large storm in this area the day before! The wind was stronger than Colin, and we lost lots of our dead and lose palm fronds which cluttered our property, and a few lanai soffits fell. It was quite dramatic! The following day when tropical Storm Colin came, it was more storm serge than wind. Those of you who were here last winter saw the waves pounding over the sea wall, so you know what I’m talking about! We had no damage, just quite a bit of sea weed and trash the waves brought in over the sea wall. 


IMG_6692    Manasota Key had major problems- lots of erosion north of Englewood Beach and Stump Pass St Park.  Homes were damaged, and turtle nests wiped out. On our zone (with Coastal Wildlife’s Turtle Patrol),  between the public beach and Stump Pass, we had 44 nests, and 19 had the stakes washed out. The waves washed all the way up the beach for 2 days. Fortunately the nests remained and are being re-found by using the back measurements. The nests seem intact. Below are a few photos​.​

We hope the storms will be kept to a minimum this season!


Linda Moreau