October Greeetings

  Our new irrigation system is still being installed. It has been difficult since there has been so much rain and flooding the past month! Two large Wax Myrtle bushes have been ordered, and will be planted by the parking lot in the gap left after removing the melaleuca trees.

    We had an event here last month that very rarely happens!! A renter- Luke Bailey (Stone Crabs catcher), and his wife Shelby had a baby girl, Adeline! Their entry walkway was filled with pink balloons and a stork saying “It’s a Girl!” Congratulations to Luke and Shelby!

   IMG_20130901_190058_216The Stone Crabs did well the 2nd half of the year, coming in 2nd. Their manager, Brady Williams, and half a dozen players lived in HV this summer.

   Below you will see photos of our turbulent river during a storm, gorgeous sunset, rainbow, and some of the birds that frequent HV: a pair of Yellow-crowned Night Heron with a juvenile; a Black-crowned Night Heron, and of course our pair of Sand hill Cranes!

   Our sea turtles have mostly all hatched and gone to sea. We had an amazing Manatee mating session right near our sea wall that lasted hours in a torrential downpour! And of course our dolphins come to visit!

    We look forward to all you 6 month snowbirds returning soon!



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