June’s Storm

Hello Everyone !
I’m sure you are all wondering how we fared during Tropical Storm Andrea! We did have lots of rain! Our moat was full by Friday, img3-6-11but this morning it was dry again! The photo below is after a hard rain we got this afternoon! Water in the moat immediately seems to bring the wading birds- Snowy Egrets, Great Egrets, Little Blue Herons, and Mottled Ducks. A friend with a rain gauge said we got 13″ during Andrea! We were told on the news about several small tornados, but never heard where they were. Punta Gorda was quite flooded.

img8-6-11¬†For Rich and myself, the most dramatic effects of the storm were on the sea turtle nests. Many were washed over and some lost. Tomorrow and Tues, we are going to try to relocate the nests washed over. The waves washed away the stakes, but it may be possible to find the nests again if the patrollers measured the back stakes correctly. I’ll include some of our June turtle tracks, and the top of the nest eggs. After seeing the tracks, we locate the eggs in the nest by carefully digging down til we touch the top eggs of the nest. Then we recover the nest, stake and rope it off, and put back stakes in far up on the dunes, so we can relocate the nest if the stakes are washed out, like in img6-6-11Tropical Storm Andrea. By next month our May nests will begin to hatch. That’s when the fun begins!
Our temperature is finally reaching 90, with low in the low 70s. We have been lucky that our intensely hot summer weather has held off till June this year!
Other pieces of news: Our female Sandhill Crane is still in our neighborhood. And you will be happy to learn that the county finally filled the deep pot holes at the corner of Pambar (Post Office road) and Warren Ave! Yea!
Hope you are all enjoying your summer up north!