June’s Musings


I have big news this month! Harbour Village’s very own Stefanie Meade was selected to paint a mural on the seawall at Zekes Restaurant in Englewood! (See photo). P1150373In an article in Harbor Magazine, it said “Stefanie Meade wanted to incorporate the history of the area into her art. Her mural of the old Blind Pass combines both authenticity and creativity. As reference she used 1930s photos. Meade estimates she spent a total of 130 hours on her mural, working 4-5 days a week.”  She was awarded the second place prize! Stefanie has a background in graphic design, commercial art and illustration. She is now dabbling in pottery. We are so proud of her!

An amazing incident happened to me last week – I had to stop the car on Schofield to let a WALKING FISH cross the street! It was a Walking Catfish! Fairly common in this area, I discovered, and very invasive! (See photo).

We have had some thunderstorms almost every day. I don’t know about this area, but average rainfall in Tampa in June is 6.5″, and as of last week, they had 10.2″! Everything is beautiful and green.

I hope those of you who own a condo here know that you should leave your dehumidifier on while you are gone for the summer. Mold grows so rapidly here! If you turned everything off, call Peter and he will do what is necessary to reset your dehumidifier.

The sea turtles have been very busy nesting, (See photos) and the 1st laid nests are about ready to hatch! We have had more Green Turtle nests than ever this year.  One of our fellow patrollers managed to see a turtle returning to the Gulf after nesting early evening!(See photo).

We have been lucky so far with no major storms! Keep your fingers crossed for July!
Linda Moreau
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