June News

P1000301    It’s hard to believe summer is here! We now have our summer weather right on schedule – black skies (with sunshine!), and downpours of rain! June brings the opening of hurricane season with it, and we hope our season will be as mild as they are forecasting!
    We had a wonderful winter seeing all our friends return to Harbour Village! The highlight was a Poolside Party to thank all the hard working owners and renters alike who helped with so many projects! (See the attached photos!) One of the biggest projects was to create a walkway over the swale to the fishing pier. This benefits us summer people most, since the daily rains keep the swale full!
 I finally (after 7 years!) completed our Harbour Village Photo directory! Our new permanent renter Donna Hutcherson is computer savy and saved us by  puttiing all my photos together into  this beautiful directory! Many of you got a copy while you were here, but there were a few errors. Residents can contact the office to receive a digital copy, print ready. Manager@HarbourVillageFL.com
 If you’d rather, you can send me $10 (that includes shipping) and I will mail you one. My address is:        Linda Moreau,  4410 Warren Ave #311, Port Charlotte, FL 33953.       Questions?  call me at (941) 764-7236
 P1010026 The turtles have begun to nest mid May.

We had an unfortunate incident today. A sandhill crane and it’s immature baby were walking around HV this evening~ A couple was coming off the fishing pier with their 2 unleashed small dogs, which immediately went after the birds. The cranes panicked and the adult flew away. But the youngster couldn’t fly, so it frantically scrambled into the mangrove roots, and into the water. It went almost all the way to the end of the pier looking for the parent. Finally it turned around and slowly returned to shore. As it tried to get up onto the sea wall we could tell it looked injured. It somehow managed to limp and use it’s wings to push along the ground to get to the grass. We called Venice Wildlife Rescue, and they came and got the crane to keep overnight, check it out, and hopefully bring it back tomorrow to reunite with it’s parent if it is not too badly injured.

   Lesson learned! These people said they just moved in and did not know about the leash rule. Really?? Please owners: BE SURE your renters know the rules! Leave a copy and tell your renters to read them! And renters, please look at them! This was a tragic way to learn this lesson!