July Happenings!

It is HOT here! How hot is it? Our poor Angel trumpets wilted almost as soon as they bloomed! (See photos below). IMG_20130801_130302_916~01

But we are very grateful that we have had no bad storms! We get a good brief thunderstorm almost everyday to keep the grass growing and the plants green!

There have been 2 Sandhill Cranes hanging out across ResizedImage_1375490679370from Tarpon Bay condos. I don’t know if our lady has found a mate or if this is another pair, but we do hope they stay away from 776!
 Our “new” restaurant “The New England Chowder House” has closed down. So sad they  didn’t make it.
Rich and I had our first Loggerhead Sea Turtle nest hatch 2 weeks ago.There was one live baby still in the nest! (see photo. You can tell how small he is by the footprint he is crawling through!) We excavate the nest 3 days after we see a depression in the sand, and a hundred little footprints going from the nest to the water. When we excavate, we count all the broken eggs to see how many made it-we hope!  There are always some eggs that don’t hatch, and often a live baby (or several) that hatched too late to get out with the others. Loggerheads are also still laying nests! So we are busy! It takes an average of 50 days for the nests to hatch.
I hope you are all enjoying your summer!

Linda Moreau

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