August 2014

8-14-1Harbour Village is still quiet, and I’m sure you have noticed that our weather has been unusually quiet! No major storms, but we have our exciting thunder storms almost everyday. It rained everyday but 2 in July!

   Our turtle nests are hatching, and we had 2 visitors on the beach who made a wonderful film with their GoPro camera. After about 3 1/2 minutes into the film he follows the turtle into the water, and we can see it swimming through the gulf! We were told that when the hatchling folds in its flippers and glides, it has seen something threatening and is  being still, pretending to be debris so as not to be noticed. We have more nests than we have had since 1998! 108 on our 1 mile stretch!
The first part of the video is the first day the one out 3 turtles made it to the water & the second part is the second day where we found the one little turtle just coming up out of the sand.
​If you would like to find out more about our Turtle Patrol organization, Coastal Wildlife Club, you can check out our website at
I’m including a few wild weather photos of Harbour Village, and a water spout taken at Englewood Beach. We saw several of these this week!
Stay cool and enjoy the last month of summer!
Linda Moreau​
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