Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

September 22nd 2009


President, Rich Moreau, called the meeting to order at 9:02 am.


Board Members Present: In person was: President: Rich Moreau; via teleconference were: Vice President: Brian Kirkpatrick, & Director: Bill Lander thus establishing a quorum. Also present was Peter Grant, representing Peter Grant, Inc. the Association’s Management Company.


Notice of Meeting: A Meeting notice with agenda was posted in the normal manner in accordance with the Association Bylaws and Florida Statute #718.


Approval of Minutes:  After two small corrections Brian Kirkpatrick made a motion to approve the minutes of the 8/5/09 Board Meeting as previously distributed. Second by Rich Moreau. All in favor. The motion passed 3:0.

Financial Report: Management presented financial statements as of 8/31/09 showing that the Association has $262,458.80 in cash or cash equivalents and $273,326.32 in total assets. The August and YTD budget variance reports were discussed and various questions answered. The current budget status shows $6,423.00 under budget year to date. Management was instructed to investigate the mortgage amounts recorded against units #110 and #108 and to make contact with the Lender for #110.


Old Business:

·        Entry Gate Project: Management answered various questions about the design options and operations for the gate. The desire of the Board is for the gate system to be Strong, Simple and Easy to use. Additional pictures/drawings/details will be sent to Board Members as they become available.

·        Pool Heater: Management advised that they have received an additional bid for the replacement of the compressor from Abbott Air. The price quoted is $1,155.00 . Management was instructed to contact Symbiont and ask them to re-bid the job at their best possible price.

·        Hose Bibs: A motion was made by Brian Kirkpatrick to authorize Rich Moreau and Management to engage a firm to complete this project. Second by Bill Lander. All in favor. The motion passed 3:0

·        Painting Project: Rich Moreau reported on the status of the walkway painting project and that it is almost 50% complete. Management was instructed to have a carpet cleaning company steam clean the stairs as necessary and appropriate.


New Business:

·        Board Vacancy: Rich Moreau advised that Michael Chiara has resigned from the Board for personal reasons. An expression of gratitude for Michaels efforts while on the board were extended by the Board Members present and Management was asked to send a letter to Michael and thank him for his service to the Association. Rich will talk to owners to find a replacement for the balance of Michael’s term..


The next Board meeting will be on October 27th 2009 at 9:00AM


There being no further business before the Board Bill Lander made a motion to adjourn. Second by Brian Kirkpatrick. All in favor. The meeting was adjourned.