Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

September 8, 2005


President Brian Kirkpatrick called the meeting to order at 09:58 AM.

Board Members Present:  Vice President: Ty Bevington was present in person, President: Brian Kirkpatrick, Secretary: Donna Gerritsen and Director: Rich Moreau were present by teleconference thus establishing a quorum.   Also present was Peter Grant, representing Peter Grant, Inc. our management company.

Notice of Meeting:  A Meeting notice with agenda was posted in the normal manner in accordance with the Association Bylaws and Florida Statute #718.

Approval of Minutes:  Rich Moreau made a motion to accept the minutes of the 7/12/05 board meeting as distributed. Donna Gerritsen seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Financial Report:  Management gave an overview of financial data through the period ending August 31, 2005 as distributed to each Director prior to the meeting. Full details will be posted on the website. Past due Owner accounts were discussed with continued follow up requested of Management where necessary.

The subject of Insurance coverage was discussed. Management is to follow up and see if an increase in the amount of coverage is available given the current insurance industry atmosphere.

Clubhouse Interior Report:  The majority of work is complete. Renovation of the pool table is under way and should be completed within the next week. The resurfacing of the kitchen counters should also be completed during September. Paintings, sofas and new tables were discussed and Donna Gerritsen, Chairperson of the Clubhouse renovation committee will distribute information to the Board Members as it is obtained so that a specific spending budget can be allocated for these items. 

Pier/Canal/Entrance Lighting:  Donna Gerritsen continues to work with the contractor to establish a firm quote for the work we need done.

Drainage project:            Discussion on the drainage issues resulted in the decision for Ty Bevington and Peter Grant to work on a proposal to install sumps and pumps in front of the entrances where needed and pipe through the current and/or additional drainage system to the retention ponds.  A detailed proposal with costs to be presented at the next board meeting.

Villas Account/Water Meter Status: Management advised the board of a meeting this last weekend with Ron Jarvis, Vice President of the Villas Board regarding the outstanding amounts. A detailed list of all monthly invoices from January 2004 to the present was delivered with a request for proof of payment on each invoice. Management will continue to follow up and resolve this matter.

Management explained information obtained about a water meter that was installed some years ago. The meter is located within the water retention swale and is therefore inaccessible for five to six months of the year as it is under water. Management was instructed to ascertain that, if the meter was relocated would the water company use it and bill the Villas separately.

Unit Access Report: At the request of the Board, Management has completed a study of all the entry keys currently in the Lock Box. It was found that we do not have access to ten (10) Units. Management was instructed to send letters to the respective Owners requesting access keys, setting out the benefits to, and obligations of the Owners. Management was clearly told that providing access is not negotiable but mandatory.

Water Heater Notice Report:  On April 28, 2005 a notice had been sent to all Owners outlining the need for Owners to check Water Heaters, hoses etc. and the Water shut-off policy while not in residence. A receipt was requested of all Owners. Only 25 receipts are in the file. Management was instructed to send another letter by regular mail requesting immediate response. In the event that a response is not received within thirty (30) days, a registered, receipt requested letter will be sent to those who have not responded.

Legal Report:  Brian reported on the status of the preparation by legal counsel of new draft condo docs for discussion at the next board meeting. Brief discussion ensued on the concept of including language that would provide for residents to register with the office upon arrival at Harbour Village.

Regarding Dock Ownership and the “five foot strip”:  Years of research and legal opinion suggest that no favorable outcome can come from any further expense on this subject. Brian Kirkpatrick made a motion to terminate for now, all legal action regarding ownership of the dock or strip of land to the east of Building #3 along the canal, Ty Bevington seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Appointment of new Board Member: Brian Kirkpatrick outlined the situation regarding nominees for the board vacancy. At this time only one remaining nominee meets the requirements of ownership and timely filing. The Board thanked the parties who did file an interest and explained that at the time of the next annual meeting if there are more than five (5) qualified nominees, an election would be held. Discussions followed on the qualifications and motivation of the one qualified nominee. Brian Kirkpatrick shared the results of his telephone conversation, then after discussion made a motion than Naomi Conrad (Unit #102) be appointed to the Board, effective immediately. Ty Bevington seconded the motion. The motion passed. Management was instructed to notify Naomi after the board meeting was completed.

Appointment of new Treasurer: Brian Kirkpatrick made a motion that Ty Bevington be appointed to the additional position of Treasurer until the next organizational meeting following the annual meeting next year. Donna Gerritsen seconded the motion. The motion passed.

New Business: Mike Chiara (Unit #318) brought to the attention of the board facts about an A/C condensation drainage pipe blockage. Management was instructed to ascertain if this may be a systemic problem or a one time event.

Next Board meeting:  Tuesday, October 25, 2005, 10:00 AM at the Clubhouse.

Meeting Adjourned.