Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

October 24th 2007


President, Brian Kirkpatrick, called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.

Board Members Present: In person were: President: Brian Kirkpatrick, Vice President: Rich Moreau, Treasurer: Ty Bevington and Director: Mike Chiara, Via teleconference: was Secretary: Donna Gerritsen. thus establishing a quorum. Also present was Peter Grant, representing Peter Grant, Inc. the Association’s Management Company.


Notice of Meeting: A Meeting notice with agenda was posted in the normal manner in accordance with the Association Bylaws and Florida Statute #718.


Approval of Minutes:.  Mike Chiara made a motion to approve the minutes of the 9/27/07 board meeting as previously distributed to the Directors. Rich Moreau seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.


Financial Report: Ty Bevington presented financial statements as of 9/30/07 showing that the Association is in a solid financial condition.


Old Business:

·        Gate Project: Management advised that Heritage of Sarasota, Inc. had been contacted and that Rob Martell was working with Management to obtain competitive bids for the project.  

·        Resident Registration process:  Management presented a registration form and parking permit sticker for approval. Management was instructed to contact Gratia Schroeder about the printing of the permit stickers.

·        Pool Deck Surface Replacement: Management presented three bids from qualified paving contractors. The low bidder was Padron Brick who Management has used before for another pool deck. Paver color samples are to be obtained as quickly as possible from Padron Brick with the hope of having the job completed in December.

·        Dryer Vent Cleaning: Management was instructed to obtain pricing on replacing water supply hoses at the same time as the vent cleaning process.

·        Mangroves & plantings: Mike Chiara was asked to order the previously approved purchase of plants for the west property line.

New Business:

·        Line Painting: Brian Kirkpatrick made a motion to approve the spending of $850.00 to $1,000.00 to have all the parking lot lines repainted. Seconded by Rich Moreau. The motion passed 5:0

·        Landscaping: Management presented an idea for discussion regarding landscaping for next year that would involve splitting the contract between a lawn mowing firm and a plant & shrub specialist. Additional research as to costs will be required and a clear plan of what is desired will be prepared so that formal bids can be obtained. A work party was planed for Monday at 9:00 to clean out the boat yard and another for Tuesday to power wash and remove the loose line paint in the parking lot.

·        Exercise room A/C: It has been noted by several Owners that it takes quite a while for the exercise room to cool down when the clubhouse A/C is turned on and some thought  that a ‘room recirculation’ unit may be more cost effective than running the big a/c unit. Management was instructed to look into the cost of such a unit.

·        Preliminary 2008 budget discussion: Management presented a draft budget for 2008 with the stated primary goal of maintaining the current monthly fee without increase. Each Director was given a copy to study and make suggestions and changes as required.


The next Board meeting will be the Annual Budget Meeting which will be held on November 16th at 9:00am


There being no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned.