Harbour Village Property Owners Association, Inc.


                                 Minutes of Budget & Board of Directors Meeting. November 15, 2004


President Brian Kirkpatrick called the meeting to order at 1:00 PM .

Board Members Present: President: Brian Kirkpatrick, Treasurer: Peter Grant, Secretary: Donna Gerritsen and Director: Stu Lewis. Vice President: Ty Bevington by way of speakerphone, thus establishing a quorum. Also attending: Sherry Danko and Paul Michalezka representing Star Hospitality Management, Inc.

 The meeting notice was posted on the condominium property as required by Florida Statutes and the Association Documents.

Un-disposed Minutes: Peter Grant moved to waive reading of the October 12, 2004 Board of Directors meeting and approve them as revised. Donna Gerritsen seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.  

Financial Report:

Treasurer Peter Grant provided an overview of September financials following which there was discussion concerning procedures for sending late letters. Sherry confirmed that Management will send them at 30 days from due date and will e-mail the list to the Board at the same time. Management will also separate the Villas receivables for Amenities and the Water/sewer so the account may be tracked more easily. Sherry Danko reported that Star had sent a " past due” notice to Mr. Al Cook, who reportedly is the President of the Villas Board, requesting immediate payment of the two accounts. The letter was sent via certified mail; however, the acknowledgement card had not come back.A discussion followed re the need to have better communication with the Villas Board. It was suggested that a joint meeting could be one way to improve relations.

Storm Damage and Repairs:

Peter stated that we have had little response from attempts to find contractors to complete storm damage repairs.Stu will contact Mike Haney to discuss his previous bid.Ty reported that Hans, from Labor Brown, felt it was essential we replace the insulation under the buildings once Comcast have completed their rewiring.Ty will contact Comcast for a schedule. 

Landscape Contract:

Ty recommended that we change our grounds maintenance company. Several bids have been received and evaluated.Ty moved that we enter into a contract with Creation Care at $1500.00/month for 2005.Peter seconded the motion which passed unanimously.Ty will advise Ray's Landscaping of this decision.

Legal Update:

The response received from Robb Martel's attorney did not clarify how he could deliver good, insurable, title to any dock space he proposed to sell to owners or the POA.Apparently, only a quit claim deed is offered. Our attorney has gone back, with a letter, requesting additional information in order for HVPOA to consider options.Brian suggested the Board would need to meet in closed executive session to discuss the mold remediation issue since legal action with a unit owner may be involved.

Boat Dock Lottery:

Brian reported that all materials needed for a membership vote had been developed and formatted by our attorney to assure legality and enforceability. He then reviewed the proposed lottery process and answered questions from owners present.Ty moved that "use periods" be changed so that the first one would be February-March-April. Donna seconded the motion which passed unanimously.Brian and Donna to work with Star to set up the complete mailing packages. 

SWFMD Meeting:

Peter reported on the meeting he and Brian had with SWFMD personnel. They (SWFMD) indicated they have no record of having approved a storm water permit for the storm drainage system installed by the developer. The only system they would approve to remedy our standing water problem would involve a sand filter process. Peter also reported the possibility that water from under the buildings 

might be able to be moved to the swale, through the sand filter and out. Brian made a motion that Johnson Engineering be engaged to study the situation, meet with SWFMD, design and provide an estimated cost for the project. Peter seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

2005 Budget:

Peter reviewed the proposed budget, which had been sent to all owners. Monthly fees would increase to $335.00.It was felt that this coupled with some residual special assessment funds and reserves would allow for hurricane damage to be repaired without need for a special assessment. Peter moved to adopt the budget as presented. Donna seconded the motion which passed unanimously. 

New Business: The Board requested management purchase (2) new flags for the entry and a new Stop sign.

Donna volunteered to head up the “Clubhouse Renovation” project.

The Board approved the purchase of a good quality speakerphone.

The next Board meeting will be January 11, 2005 at 9:00 AM .

With no further business to come before the Board the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,  

Paul Michalezka, CAM

Star Hospitality Management, Inc