Minutes of Board of Directors Annual Budget Meeting

November 16th 2007


President, Brian Kirkpatrick, called the meeting to order at 9:00 am.

Board Members Present: In person were: President: Brian Kirkpatrick, Vice President: Rich Moreau, Secretary: Donna Gerritsen Treasurer: Ty Bevington and Director: Mike Chiara, thus establishing a quorum. Also present was Peter Grant, representing Peter Grant, Inc. the Association’s Management Company.


Notice of Meeting: A Meeting notice with agenda was posted in the normal manner in accordance with the Association Bylaws and Florida Statute #718 and a copy mailed to all Members at least 14 days prior.


Approval of Minutes:.  Donna Gerritsen made a motion to approve the minutes of the 10/24/07 board meeting as previously distributed to the Directors. Ty Bevington seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.


Financial Report: Ty Bevington presented financial statements as of 10/31/07 showing that the Association is in a solid financial condition. Management was instructed to open a new Certificate of Deposit at Colonial Bank with maturing December T-Bill funds.


Old Business:

·        Landscaping/Grounds keeping: A lengthy discussion of this subject was broken down into five distinct subjects:

o       (a) Mowing and lawn-care (Mow'N'Go): Detailed criteria were established to be used by Management in preparing a revised mowing contract. This contract will be put out to bid in time to avoid any interruption of service when the current contract expires on 12/31/07.  

o       (b) Secure the Warren Avenue property boundary: A draft proposal from Nature Friendly Nursery & Landscaping LLC was discussed regarding a 150 foot section of Warren Avenue. This would involve removal of some of the vegetation along our property line and replacement with impenetrable plantings. Formal bids, with a few plant choices, will be obtained for the next Board meeting.

o       (c) Donna will lead a project to develop a comprehensive Landscape Master Plan for Harbour Village.

o        (d) Maintenance of trees, shrubs, and gardens; In conjunction with the Landscape Master Plan detailed criteria and a Task List will be developed which can be the heart of a separate Trees, Shrubs and Gardens maintenance contract. As soon as this task list is agreed upon, bids will be obtained for this ongoing service.

o       (e) Palm tree trimming. Due to the specialized nature of this service, it was decided to obtain separate bids for Palm Tree Trimming (similar to the way the Mangrove Trimming is handled).The desire here is to have the palms trimmed several times a year rather than one "hurricane cut".

·        Gate Project: Bids being obtained nothing new to report.  

·        Resident Registration process:  Management was advised that this program should be implemented by January 1st 2008.

·        Pool Deck Surface Replacement: Management presented color samples for paver selection. Additional color samples were requested.

·        Exercise room A/C: Management provided details on the various types of portable air conditioners that could be used for the exercise room ranging in price from $369 to $459 plus shipping. It was agreed that a 12,000 btu unit should be adequate. Donna Gerritsen made a motion to purchase a suitable unit to be funded form the Amenities upgrades account. Second by Rich Moreau. All in favor. The motion passed 5:0.

·        Dryer Vent Cleaning: Management was instructed to write to all Owners, advising that in the interests of fire safety this process will occur during the first quarter of 2008 and unit owners will be individually billed for the following charges: clean out dryer vents, replace 4” flex hose as necessary (to meet code) and replace water supply hoses as necessary. If Owners can show that this job has been completed in their unit recently, obviously the service will not be required.


New Business:

·        2008 budget discussion: Ty Bevington made a motion to adopt a 2008 operating budget of $377,749 with member dues held at the current $395.00 per month, Second by Rich Moreau. A detailed discussion on the line items followed with minor changes made to the draft. All in favor. The motion passed 5:0.

·        Charcoal barbeques: Mike Chiara made a motion to remove the charcoal grills along the boat dock for fire safety reasons. Second by Ty Bevington. 4 in Favor, 1 abstained. The motion passed.


The next Board meeting will be held on December 12th at 9:00am


There being no further business before the Board Donna Gerritsen made a motion to adjourn. Second by Rich Moreau. The meeting was adjourned.