Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
November 29th, 2005

President Brian Kirkpatrick called the meeting to order at 09:00 am.

Board Members Present:  President: Brian Kirkpatrick, Vice President: Ty Bevington, Secretary: Donna Gerritsen, Director: Rich Moreau and Director: Naomi Conrad, were all present in person, thus establishing a quorum.   Also present was Peter Grant, representing Peter Grant, Inc. our management company.

Notice of Meeting:  A Meeting notice with agenda was posted in the normal manner in accordance with the Association Bylaws and Florida Statute #718.

Welcome new Director:  Brian Kirkpatrick introduced Naomi Conrad, the newest Board Member and thanked her for traveling to Florida to be present again at this her second Board Meeting.

Special Thank You:  Brian took the opportunity while explaining that this meeting would be rather lengthy to thank Donna Gerritsen for providing coffee and muffins for everyone.

Approval of Minutes:  Donna Gerritsen made a motion to accept the minutes of the 10/25/05 board meeting as distributed.  Ty Bevington seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Financial Report:  Treasurer: Ty Bevington gave an overview of financial data through the period ending November 28, 2005 as distributed to each Director prior to the meeting. It was noted that the Villas are now completely current on Amenities and water reimbursement.

Discussion ensued on the draft 2006 budget proposal. Savings in several areas have made it possible to table a $355.00 monthly dues budget vs the $360.00 proposal circulated to Owners with the notice for this meeting. No one present objected to the $5.00 monthly savings. After explanations, discussion and an Owner question & answer period Ty Bevington made a motion that the Board adopt the budget ($355/mth) as presented. Rich Moreau seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Clubhouse Interior Report:  The round tables that had been approved for purchase at the last board meeting were found to be unavailable at the local Sams Club. Donna Gerritsen has offered to locate and pick them up from Sarasota or Fort Myers stores. The subjects of: resurfacing of the kitchen counters, paintings and sofas were discussed and Donna Gerritsen, Chairperson of the Clubhouse renovation committee noted that the next meeting of the Clubhouse committee will be in early January when these items will be addressed and a formal plan presented to the Board for approval.

Pier/Canal/Entrance Lighting:  Donna Gerritsen will meet with Empire Contractors on December 8th to formalize the work scope and quotation. Discussions on Pier lighting 3 GFIs low voltage walkway lights could be installed by Owner group Center pier warning lamps.

Grounds Keeping Report: Ty Bevington gave an overview of the current grounds keeping status - some dissatisfaction with our current contractor was addressed and it was noted that his contract expires 12/31/05. Some changes may be necessary. Owners voiced an appreciation for the efforts of Ty & Debbie Bevington and Rich & Linda Moreau in the wonderful overall appearance of Harbour Village grounds and gardens.

Drainage project:            Ty Bevington and Rich Moreau reported on the continued successful operation of a test drainage trench from under building #2. Additional trenching can be completed during the dry season. It was noted that it will be necessary to install drains under or adjacent to some walkways to pump that water to the trenches and pipes that flow to the catchment basin.

Old Business:  Replacement entry door lamps - a sample of a possible replacement light has been installed in front of Unit #301 (where the old unit had been destroyed in the last storm) for all to view. These lights could be purchased & installed for approximately $20.00 per light. No immediate action was taken. Les Hassell advised of a contact for the purchase of bulbs at wholesale prices.

New Business: Discussion took place on the offer by Developer Rob Martell to compensate Harbour Village for withdrawing from the re-opening of River Beach Drive and Warren Ave. His endeavor is to have these roadways vacated and develop water front condos on his land. His offer included reimbursing all Owners who had contributed to the road committee fund ($13,000) and to further fund the cost of a high tech entry gate to HV property (up to $30,000)

Brian Kirkpatrick made a motion that Stu Lewis, Les Hassell, Ty Bevington & Peter Grant continue to negotiate the terms of an agreement with the Developer and when agreement is reached to obtain legal opinion as to its validity and enforceability and to authorize the board to sign a finalized agreement. Naomi Conrad seconded the motion. The motion passed.

 Legal Report:  Brian Kirkpatrick led an extensive discussion with the Board and Owners on various choices that have to be made on our new condominium documents. On Thursday the modified draft will be returned to the attorneys with the hope of having a final draft for Owners to view by the end of December. Beginning in January, Owner workshops will be held to discuss the new docs and provide answers to any concerns Owners may have. The final document will be sent to owners with an approval vote scheduled to take place at the 2006 annual meeting.

 Next Board meeting:  Tuesday, January 10th, 9:00 AM at the Clubhouse.

 There being no further business before the Board Naomi Conrad made a motion to adjourn, Rich Moreau seconded the motion. The motion passed.

 Meeting Adjourned.