Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

May 8th  2007


President, Brian Kirkpatrick, called the meeting to order at 10:04 am.


Board Members Present: Via teleconference: President: Brian Kirkpatrick, Vice President: Rich Moreau, Secretary: Donna Gerritsen, and Treasurer: Ty Bevington and Director: Mike Chiara were present in person, thus establishing a quorum. Also present was Peter Grant, representing Peter Grant, Inc. our management company.


Notice of Meeting: A Meeting notice with agenda was posted in the normal manner in accordance with the Association Bylaws and Florida Statute #718.


Approval of Minutes:.  Rich Moreau made a motion to approve the minutes of the 3/27/07 board meeting as previously distributed to board members. Mike Chiara seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.


Financial Report: Ty Bevington presented financial statements as of 4/30/07 showing that the Association is in a good condition. Brian Kirkpatrick made a motion to pay $20,000 on the Insurance loan from the operating account to save on interest expense. Ty Bevington seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.


Old Business:

·        Dock/Piling Repairs. Management advised that this project has been completed.

·        Pool Deck Repairs: Management was instructed to have HZ Construction complete the concrete removal and repair on the pool deck and to obtain additional bids for paver installation.

·        Pool furniture: Donna Gerritsen and Mike Chiara reported on their search for replacement tables for the pool area. Tables have been ordered and should be here within 5 to 8 weeks. A sign needs to be made directing owners who use pool umbrellas to return them to the safety off the pool locker.

·        Gate Project: Management advised that the County declined to send a building inspector out to discuss required ordinances about entry gate locations. Management was instructed to contact additional contractors, Developers and Condo Associations to obtain first hand knowledge of the County requirements. Ty and Rich offered their assistance.


New Business:


·        Donna Gerritsen raised the need for some sort of resident registration process so that Directors can know who belongs here and who does not. Rich Moreau offered to discuss the matter with Judy Jirout who handles many rentals in the complex.


The next Board meeting will be on July17th at 10:00am


There being no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned.


Meeting Adjourned