Harbour Village Property Owners Association, Inc.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

June 29, 2004

President Brian Kirkpatrick called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM .

Board Members Present:  Vice President:  Ty Bevington & Treasurer:  Peter Grant in person.  By way of teleconference:  President:  Brian Kirkpatrick, and Secretary:  Donna Gerritsen.  Thus establishing a quorum.  Also attending:  Sherry Danko and Paul Michalezka representing Star Hospitality Management, Inc.   Board Member Absent:  Stu Lewis  

The meeting notice was posted on the condominium property as required by Florida Statutes and the Association Documents.  

Un-disposed Minutes:  Peter Grant moved to waive reading of the May 4, 2004 Board of Directors meeting and approve them with changes as per Donna and Brian.  Donna Gerritsen seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  It was agreed by the Board to Post Minutes of Board meetings to our website after Board approval. 

Brian stated Les Hassel was sending e-mail concerning the road through the trees but he has not received it as yet.

Financial Report:  Treasurer Peter Grant reported he is working on the Print Function for the Financial Report.  Peter may set up a PDF file linked directly, which should allow printing the entire spreadsheet.  Peter gave an overview of the financials ending May 31, 2004 .

Peter reported that Sherry and Donna from Star Hospitality and he had met with the Accountant preparing the Audit and made adjustments to journal entries.

Seawall Report:  Peter reported the Silt Screen needed to be removed.  The Hydro-seeding is kicking in adding some greenery.  It appears with some rain and Ty (the water rancher) watering, the seed is taking.  Some spot patching will be required.  Peter reported $1,000.00 remains in the seawall account, but here are some expenditures remaining.  An agreement was reached with Charlotte County Seawalls to split the telephone line damages incurred during excavation.  No funds have been spent on the Drainage issue, as SWFMD and the engineers want to wait until there is water in the Retention Ponds.  Peter will contact these people now that there is water present.  Ty stated there was some improvement in drainage from the County cleaning out swales and the grading by Charlotte County Seawalls.  Ty also reported finding buried irrigation heads that function when exposed.

Clubhouse Entry:  The sound of hammering could be heard during the course of the meeting as this project is currently underway.  It will cost approximately $200.00 additional to use all new lumber on this project.  Peter moved to spend the funds required to use all new lumber.   Brian seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Sewer Line Report:  Donna received a cost from Severn Trent to clean out the waste lines.  She returned the e-mail stating Harbour Village should not be receiving the bids they should be sent to Riverwood CDD, as they are the party responsible for payment.  Severn Trent will be notifying us as to when we can expect the work to be done.

Structural Inspection Report:  Peter stated we have gone no further since Don Pelton visited the property.  The intention for the visit was to establish a fee structure for the inspections.  The Board is recommending Board Members and/or management do a general walk through of the second floor units to see what units have modifications in the loft areas and then bring Don Pelton back to inspect those specific units.

Tennis Court Resurfacing:  Peter spoke with Paul Ballard yesterday and July 24th has been scheduled to start the resurfacing project weather permitting.

Pier Lighting:  Peter has spoken with (2) Electrical contractors that do under ground wiring and they require $50.00 to $150.00 to give a quote.  Peter has (2) other contractors to meet with that do not charge to estimate.

Becker & Poliakoff Report:  Brian will take over as the Associations prime contact and channel all business through Joe Adams.  Brian gave a brief overview of the current matters   Donna moved that if Becker & Poliakoff  is reluctant to send a letter to Mr. Martel challenging his right to sell boat spaces we go to an Englewood Attorney that has been recommended.  The motion passed unanimously  The Board agreed to have Peter purchase copies of any of the permits, which might have been applied for during construction of the docks.

Rule Changes:  Brian stated the need to prepare logical rules to control Boat & Trailer Storage.  Peter reflected on a class he recently attended which touched on the Boards authority to make rule changes.

Pool Pump Claim:  Sherry reported she had sent a letter to Statewide Insurance.  We had been told the claim would be covered.  Since then we have been told the pump equipment was not covered.  A meeting will be set up between Board members and a Representative from Statewide.

Pest Control:  Ty reported receiving several bids on interior pest control.  Ty’s concern is how the contract would work.  Donna’s thought was the Association would obtain the contract, which would be paid by the Association to treat all units.

Ty has a proposal from Terry Ray Ground’s maintenance to apply granular fertilizer instead of the liquid fertilizer being applied by MUG-A-BUG.  Ty moved to negotiate a contract with Rays for the same amount of money to do the fertilization and pest control (4) times per year.  Peter seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Comcast Rewiring:  Ty stated Comcast is scheduled to start rewiring Harbour Village on August 15th.  Ty has spoken with representatives stressing that the work needs to be accomplished before we get into season.

Drainage:  Peter reported we do have standing water.  Engineer and SWFMD indicated they would like to examine the property when standing water is present.  Peter will be making the call.

New Business:  Peter reported building #3 had lightning damage.  Mike Chiara had a loss to some equipment.  FPL has a program where they install major surge protection equipment on your lines.  The cost is $8.95 per unit.  The entire building must be equipped.  Brian suggested we defer any further discussion on this topic until we look at some other things.

Personal Property on Walkways:  Letters have gone out to people with propane or charcoal grills on their lanais and furniture on the walkways.  A suggestion that the Fire Marshall be called out to site violations.  Future letters will be sent certified with (10) day time limit to comply.

The Board set the next meeting for August 24th at 9 AM . With no further business to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned.  

Respectfully submitted,  

Paul Michalezka, CAM (Star Hospitality Management, Inc.)