Harbour Village Property Owners Association, Inc.

Minutes of Special Members & Board of Directors Meeting

January 11, 2005

President Brian Kirkpatrick called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.

Board Members Present:  President:  Brian Kirkpatrick, Treasurer:  Peter Grant, Secretary:  Donna Gerritsen and Director:  Stu Lewis.  Vice President:  Ty Bevington by way of speakerphone, thus establishing a quorum.  Also attending:  Paul Michalezka representing Star Hospitality Management, Inc.

The meeting notice was posted on the condominium property and mailed to all members (30) days in advance as required by Florida Statutes and the Association Documents.

President Brian Kirkpatrick announced (45) units were present in person or by proxy.  Thus a quorum of the membership was present.

Un-disposed Minutes:  Peter Grant moved to waive reading of the November 15, 2004 Board of Directors meeting and approve them as revised.  Donna Gerritsen seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Financial Report:  Treasurer Peter Grant gave an overview of financial information available for the end of December.  Peter reminded everyone that the latest financial report when received could be viewed on the association’s website (www.harbourvillagefl.com).  There was some discussion concerning the timeliness of the Villas monthly payments. 

Brian stated that the Villas have a Board of Directors in place and it might be appropriate to meet with their board to discuss issues of mutual concern.

Storm Damage & Repairs:  Stu reported he had been in contact with Mike Haney to discuss the bid Mike gave us previously.  Mike will replace the siding on both ends of building#4 and one end of building #3, plus other siding needing repair and soffit and facia repairs.  The bid is $15,765.00 and he can start within (30) days of approval.  Milestore Homes sent us a bid for $21,264.00.  Stu moved to give the job to Mike Haney.  Peter Grant seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  Stu reported the current cost of lattice is $15.00 per sheet.  The exact number of sheets needed for the repairs is to be determined.  As had been previously discussed a work party would be organized to repair the lattice.  A notice will be posted as to when.  A Boat Yard work party on a Monday will also be posted. 

Ty reported Comcast would be giving us a start date for the rewiring on January 24th.

Landscape Contract:  Ty reported “Creation Care”; our new grounds contractor has started.  Ty stated that we need to give them some time to get acquainted with our property.

Drainage Report:  Peter reported Johnson Engineering has been given the documentation they requested.  They will follow-up with a price.

Pier & Canal Lighting:  Donna reported she would continue to work on this project, as there is a motion to support the project.

Trash Removal and Recycling:  Membership attending commented on the timeliness of Waste Management pickups for recycled trash.  Brian will contact Waste Management and report to the Board.

Vote on amendment to the HVPOA Declaration of Condominium to allow a “Dock Lottery”:  Management called for all Ballots to be turned in.  Several members attending wished to comment and discuss the amendment before a final vote was taken.  After discussion all votes were collected and tallied.

Results:  Vote on Proposed Amendment No. 1 to Article 6(K)(.7) of the Declaration of Condominium.

            31  IN FAVOR OF                                                 14 OPPOSED TO

            PROPOSED AMENDMENT                             PROPOSED AMENDMENT

Result:  The amendment did not pass.  No Lottery drawing will be held.  All Lottery registration fees will be refunded.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Michalezka, CAM

Star Hospitality Management, Inc.