Harbour Village Property Owners Association

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

February 10, 2005

President Brian Kirkpatrick called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.

Board Members Present:  President, Brian Kirkpatrick; Vice President, Ty Bevington; Treasurer, Peter Grant; Secretary, Donna Gerritsen and Director Stu Lewis thus establishing a quorum.

Also present were Sherry Danko, President and Kay Conner, CAM.  Star Hospitality Management, Inc.

Notice of Meeting:  Meeting notice was posted and distributed in accordance with the Association Bylaws and Florida Statute 718.

Disposal of Minutes:  Reading of the minutes of January 11, 1005, waived with a motion from Peter Grant and seconded by Donna Gerritsen.  The motion passed.

Brian Kirkpatrick advised that Rob Martell, President of the Villas at Harbour Village Property Owners Association would be present at 10:00 AM to discuss items of mutual interest between Harbour Village and the Villas.

Treasurerís Report:  Treasurer Peter Grant gave an overview of financial information available for the end of December 2004.  Star is to follow-up with late notices for assessments still due.  There was discussion on the timeliness of monthly payments due from the Villas.  Star to contact El Jobean Water Association to check on the feasibility of getting separate water meters for HV and the Villas.  Brian made a motion that Peter obtain a letter of engagement from the CPA firm in Englewood. Donna seconded the motion, and the motion passed.  Peter made a motion that Star reverse the washer/dryer reserves out of the other reserve accounts to the clubhouse interior reserve account, Donna seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

Building Repair Status:  Stu discussed the difficulty in obtaining matching gray siding.  Further research is needed.  It may be necessary to obtain a new company to supply siding with a slight difference in the gray color.  The motion/approval is already on the books to proceed.  Stu to follow up.  Lattice repair was a huge success.  Big thank you to everyone, as it saved thousands in labor.

Grounds keeping/Pest Control:  Ty reported that the new landscaper had been in place for a month.  Ty will develop a regular list of things that need to be done each Monday.  Ty is working to resolve problems with the irrigation/sprinkler system.  Received two bids from Gulf Coast Pest Control, one for the lawn and one for the outside of the buildings.  Additional bids will be solicited.  There are fire ant nests around the buildings and grounds.  Dave is to spray nests as part of regular maintenance.  Management to check on termite contract to see when follow-up is needed.  The fertilization of the lawn is now being done by the landscaper and the lawn is starting to look much better.

Annual Meeting Preparation:  Sherry stated that 23 proxies have been received with one other being faxed.  We will need 37 for a quorum. There was a discussion on the voting certificates and who is authorized to vote.  The rollover is the only issue for the annual meeting.  Sherry is to follow-up with Becker & Poliakoff, P.A. on the recorded Articles of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation.

Clubhouse Interior Project:  Donna reported that the committee is developing a plan, which when finalized will be presented to the Board.

Pier/Canal/Information Center Lighting Project:  Donna reported difficulty in getting electricians to bid.  She is following up with several companies.  There was further discussion on lights along walkways, canal, entrance sign, low level lights and navigational lights.  Empire is to be out to repair the current canal light.

Joint Meeting with Rob Martell, President and Treasurer of The Villas Association:  Brian introduced Rob Martell.  There was discussion on how to communicate with Villas Board and residents, prompt monthly payment of water and amenities (Star to mail) on the first of the month and due by the fifth of the month and clarity of terms of the Amenities Agreement and their practical application.  Donna will do a checklist of what is included and what is excluded (i.e. parking, dumpsters, speed limit, dog clean up) and get it to Rob to communicate to the Villas residents.

Drainage Status:  Peter discussed information he has gathered, including information obtained from SWFMD concerning the drainage problem that affects both Harbour Village and the Villas.  Peter and Rob (Villas) are going to work together to research and resolve.

Amenities Upgrades:  There was discussion about situations where a member vote would be required to approve an amenity change.  It was concluded that adding or deleting a major amenity would require a vote.  Changes or upgrades to existing facilities can be approved by a majority of the Board.  Under our current documents amenities may be leased without member approval.  Brian stated that this is one of the things that need to be changed as part of the proposed document revision.

Peter proposed, with the Boards agreement, that accounts need to be structured so that at any time Board members can see what funds are available for amenities upgrades.  Sherry stated that line item #3127 on the income statement separated amenities income.

Regulation Reminders:  Brian will work with Donna to post a reminder of the Rules and Regulations re: bikes, walkways, dogs, breaking down boxes, etc.

Other New Business:  A survey company has done building elevations for insurance purposes.  Their data can be obtained from the Star Hospitality Management office.

Comcast will start rewiring all buildings on Tuesday, February 15, 2005.  Donna will develop and distribute notification to all residents.

Peter is researching mooring whips, which may allow additional small boats in the canal.  The Boat Committee will be put on the next agenda to address the issue.

There was a discussion that the second Tuesday of each month will be the Board of Directors Meetings.

Adjournment:  Brian moved adjournment of the meeting, Peter seconded the motion.

Next Board of Directors Meeting is Tuesday, March 8, 2005