Harbour Village Boat Dock and Storage Compound Regulations.

Harbour Village Property Owners Association, Inc. a Florida non profit corporation located at 4410 Warren Ave, El Jobean, Florida submits the following regulations for boats and trailers using the dock and/or storage compound, which are included as part of the common elements of this condominium. These regulations supercede those dated 3/9/96 .

1. All boats & trailers must be registered with HVPOA, registration will include:- Owner, unit number, make, model and vessel/license number. Registration will also include the insurance company, policy number and expiry date for both boat and trailer. Insurance must cover all liability for injury or damage to persons, to other boats or HV property. This list will be reconfirmed at least annually. Lessees must register on arrival, if they wish to use the dock or compound. Boats or trailers not registered with HVPOA may be removed at owner's expense.

2. Boats must be registered to an owner or tenant currently in residence. Neither dock nor storage privileges can be extended to non residents.

3. Dock space is available on a first come basis.

4. Dock space is for boats that are in regular use. The dock is not a storage facility.

5. Boats must be operated in a safe and reasonable manner to avoid damage to other boats or the dock.

6. Children must have adult supervision when using the dock.

7. Use of the dock shall be at the sole risk of the owner/lessee, or their guests. HVPOA assumes no liability for any personal or property loss, injury or damage arising as a result of boat dock use by owners/lessees or guests.

8. Owners or lessees may use dock space for only one boat per HV unit (subject to available space).

9. Boats on trailers may be temporarily parked in HV parking lot to allow for packing and unpacking. In no case will this period exceed three days and is subject to available space.

10. Trailers stored in the compound must be placed in a manner that allows adequate access to the pumping station.

If owners or lessees fail to comply with these regulations, Harbour Village Property Owners Association reserves the right to take necessary action against any person who violates this regulation. The prevailing party in any such action shall recover the costs of such action, including reasonable attorney's fees.

Approved by the Board of Directors 3/26/02