MARCH 21, 2006




The Meeting was called to order at 10:00AM.


Fifty-two (52) Owners, either in person or by proxy were represented thus establishing a Quorum. Chuck Froman moved that Brian Kirkpatrick be elected to chair the meeting, the motion was seconded and passed.


           All notices for the Meeting required by Statute and Bylaws have been met.


Secretary, Donna Gerritsen, read the minutes of the 2005 Annual General Meeting. Brian noted that there was one omission – the results of the boat dock lottery, which was not approved. Naomi Conrad moved that the Minutes be approved, as amended, the motion was seconded and passed.


            Treasurer, Ty Bevington gave an overview of the CPA’s review of the Association’s finances for the 2005 fiscal year. A complete copy is attached.


      President, Brian Kirkpatrick presented this report of the Board of Directors.



“2005 was a good year at Harbour Village. We missed the brunt of the Florida hurricane activity and other than having to absorb an arbitrary and exorbitant sewer service price increase, there were no financial surprises. The continued volunteer involvement of many residents has allowed property improvement at minimal cost. HVPOA accounting, receivables and reserves are in “best ever” shape.

Board membership was stable with the only change being Peter Grant who resigned in order to become our Management Company of record. He was replaced by Naomi Conrad.





In May, Peter Grant obtained his license to perform management services for Florida condominium associations. He indicated interest in bidding on the HVPOA contract and thus a special Board meeting was held to assess and evaluate presentations by Peter Grant, Inc. and Star Property Management. The Board felt that there were definite advantages to “on site” management and, since Peter was already well known, due to his many volunteer efforts, and his bid was competitive, we terminated our relationship with Star and contracted with Peter Grant, Inc. Service has met and often exceeded our expectations.



Beginning in June a major effort was launched to completely revise all of the HVPOA documents. Everything is complete as of this writing and we hope for overwhelming approval at the AGM. All costs were budgeted and either expended or accrued as 2005 expense.



(A) Repairs for damage from both hurricanes Charlie and Wilma were completed.

(B) Pool- Rich Moreau headed a project to research and evaluate available pool service. As a result we have a new service, a cleaner pool and reduced costs.

(C) Clubhouse- Donna Gerritsen led a team of non board owners to renovate and re-equip the Clubhouse. Most of the work was completed in 2005 and the balance will be done in 2006. The attractive new decor has spurred a significant increase in resident use and enjoyment. All completed work has been paid from a combination of the clubhouse interior reserve and amenity payments from the Villas at Harbour Village

(D) Comcast rewiring- The cable service wiring was completely replaced in 2005 including all common service and individual unit outlets. This work was co­ordinated by Ty Bevington whose experience in the cable business stood us in good stead in these negotiations.



Ty Bevington through his direction and monitoring of the Landscape service and personal effort, coupled with the efforts of the Landscape Committee and many volunteers has assured the continued improvement of our grounds and plantings. The new landscape service, Creation Care, have performed well and are responsive to our needs.



The new fishing pier lights, additional canal lighting and lighting for the entrance sign were completed after extensive research by Donna Gerritsen.


Extra cost resulted from discovery of "below code" wiring from the power source to the canal. Correcting this problem required additional trenching and directional boring equipment plus unexpected material and labor. All new wiring is completely up to code. Low voltage pier walkway lights and a spotlight on the flag will be added in 2006



Some improvement in the flooding situation has been achieved through servicing of the overflow weirs and discovery of a drain connecting building 2 and the building 1 retention pond. This will be supplemented in 2006 by pumps in strategic locations to clear sidewalks and standing water under the buildings. These changes will be evaluated during the 2006 wet season in hopes that satisfactory progress can be made without having to resort to expensive sand box mitigation.



After a realistic review of alternatives and on the recommendation of Stu Lewis and Les Hassell (who spearheaded the owner group) a decision was made to accept the Heritage of Sarasota (Rob Martell) offer to refund owner contributions and if it were the wish of HVPOA to fund installation of an entrance gate, up to a value of $30,000.00. All owners have been refunded and a gate decision will be made when the future of Warren Avenue and River Beach Drive have been determined. This decision will also depend on the design and flow of the structures to be built by Heritage of Sarasota. The HVPOA Board became involved in the process due to the gate and Warren Avenue effect on Harbour Village





-      Finalize and implement the new documents.

-      Conduct a comprehensive insurance coverage review.

-      Study and implement a hurricane shutter policy.

-      Continue the next phase of the drainage project.

-      Complete the pier lighting project.

-      Replace / restore the under building insulation.”


            A question and answer period followed on the topics covered by the report. Several Owners commented that Harbour Village is looking the best it has ever looked. The Board was thanked for their diligent efforts.


            New Business:


     (a) The vote to rollover surplus funds from the 2005 budget to the 2006 budget was approved. 51 in favor – 0 against.


     (b) The vote to amend the Harbour Village Condo documents, as presented, was approved. 47 in favor – 4 against.


     (c) By Statute there was no requirement for an election of directors this year as there were five qualified nominees and five vacancies. The Board Members for 2006 shall be: Brian Kirkpatrick, Donna Gerritsen, Ty Bevington, Rich Moreau and Naomi Conrad.


            There being no further business before the Members, the meeting was adjourned at 11:05AM