Harbour Village Property Owner's Association, Inc.
Directors Report to the Annual General Meeting
February 18, 2005

2004 was a combination of good fortune and progress at Harbour Village. There was good fortune in that we missed the full force of Hurricane Charlie and the three other major storms that ravaged many parts of Florida. Progress was made in many areas of our thrust to improve Harbour Village, and as a result participate in the current Gulf Coast growth in real estate values. In many of these initiatives we have benefited from the active involvement of owners and tenants.

Board membership has been constant through the year. However, Stu Lewis has elected to retire effective with the Annual Meeting. Stu has made a major contribution to Harbour Village through his leadership in coordinating the major reconstruction project completed early last year.


Storm Damage

Hurricane Charlie tore siding from the ends of each building and damaged more than one hundred and fifty latticework panels around the bottom of the main structures and the Clubhouse. Total damage did not reach the deductible of our insurance, however finding a contractor and supplier for the siding has proved to be very frustrating. Exposed areas have been covered with Tyvek to prevent further damage and we have a commitment for repair within the next thirty days.

The lattice panels and supporting frameworks have been replaced by a group of volunteer residents over several work sessions. Thousands of dollars in savings to Harbour Village owners were achieved through these volunteer efforts. A side benefit was a strengthened feeling of community for those who participated.

Several full time residents earned the appreciation of the non resident owners during and following Hurricane Charlie as they provided a communication and information link via cell phone and the website. These services were provided by Peter and Patti Grant who also led the effort to remove perishables from all units, attended to outside furniture and cleared masses of debris from the parking lot and grounds. Ty and Debbie Bevington were back at Harbour Village shortly after power was restored and helped with the cleanup plus preparation and cleanup from Hurricane Jeanne. Both couples have had their good works publicly recognized at one of the regular "in season" socials.

Seawall Completion

The riverside seawall was completed before the storm season of 2004. High winds and wave action have eroded the beach back to the seawall in several places. Had the wall not been in place significant loss of property would have occurred.

Grounds Keeping

Effective January 1, 2005, we have a new Grounds keeping Contractor who will be more receptive to the continuing effort to upgrade the overall condition of our lawns, trees and shrubs. Long inactive irrigation lines have been found, repaired and activated providing effective watering to large areas of Harbour Village property, which have not been irrigated for years.


The Landscape Committee was very active during 2004, and the results of their efforts can be seen in the creative placement of plants and shrubs, the establishment of a new bed beside the clubhouse and coordination of the efforts of several volunteer work parties to mulch the beds, remove dead and/or damaged trees and shrubs and planting of replacements. In addition individual members have devoted many hours to the planning, planting and care of our beds.


County workers cleaned out the ditch and culvert system, which handles the overflow from the Harbour Village retention pond system. This helped to reduce the standing water behind building one. Meetings with appropriate State and County officials have led to the conclusion that the only effective method to solve the standing water problem is a series of sand filters to cleanse the water before draining it into the river through the seawall. An engineering study will be conducted in 2005 and depending on necessary permits and the costs involved a project may be initiated.

Boat docks/Trailer storage

Extensive study by a committee of owners concluded that an equitable solution to the allocation of dock space would be a draw process. The procedure was developed and a membership vote held. The proposal was not supported by the required 75% of those who voted and thus the process was not implemented. Other alternatives will be sought.

Pier/Canal Lighting

A project is in place to obtain bids for safety/navigational lighting on the fishing pier, additional lighting along the canal and lighting of the entrance signage.

Clubhouse renovation

A committee has been struck to develop a proposal and sequence for much needed renovation to the interior of the clubhouse. Their recommendation will also include furnishings and the kitchen.

Sewer lift station

The utility has paid to have all Harbour Village sewer lines scoped and analyzed to determine whether there was any permanent damage resulting from the 2003 lift station failure. No damage was found and the matter is now closed.


Several issues have required legal attention this year. The major item was a situation where leakage from a hot water tank resulted in damage to another unit and mold between the floors requiring many thousands of dollars to repair. The owner agreed to reimburse part of the Association cost and we had accepted the offer. Unfortunately an action by the insurance company representing the damaged unit owner resulted in withdrawal of the offer to settle before it was consummated. Since this situation involves potential litigation with an individual owner the Board's actions will not be public.

Additional expense was incurred in an effort to determine for once and for all the ownership/entitlement to the docks located in front of building four, the documents to support the membership vote and several other minor issues concerning rules and effective enforcement.

Relationship with the Villas at Harbour Village

The Amenities Agreement is in place and payments are being made by the Villas Board to allow their residents use of certain Harbour Village amenities. (Not included: boat docks, trailer storage, grills, tables or common areas not leading to amenities included in the agreement)

They are also paying their share of the water bill. Sewer service is now invoiced directly.

Road through the trees

While this is not a HVPOA Board initiative it is being pursued by a group of individual owners. They report that the project is active and an information session will be held for interested owners after this meeting and the Organizational Meeting.

2005 Projects

Respectfully submitted,

Brian Kirkpatrick
(President HVPOA)