FEBRUARY 18, 2005


President Brian Kirkpatrick called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM

Present at the meeting were 47 Owners in person or by proxy thus establishing a quorum.

Also present, Sherry Danko, President and Kay Conner, CAM of Star Hospitality Management.

Appointment of a Chairman for the meeting; Brian Kirkpatrick was nominated, seconded and approved.

Proper notice of the Meeting was mailed to each homeowner sixty and thirty days prior to this meeting. Proper notice was posted at the Association's Bulletin Board in accordance with the Association Documents and Florida Statute 718. An Affidavit of Mailing was executed by the Association's Manager and made part of the Association's permanent records.

Donna Gerritsen read the minutes of February 27,2004, motioned to approve, seconded and approved.

Report of the Officers:

Treasurer's Report: Peter Grant gave an overview of the un-audited 2004 Balance Sheet of December 31, 2004, copy attached. The Association is in good shape. All the reserve accounts are being funded each and every year. This year the tennis court was resurfaced and there is one loan outstanding from the operating account to the reserves for mold remediation. The budget was overspent by $1,932.11 by a variety of accounts, given the year; this was very good. A question was asked concerning a reserve for the seawall; and answered that the seawall was previously approved for the 2005 budget.

Board of Directors Report: Brian read the collective report from the Board, copy attached. There was a question and discussion concerning the dock. The Board is working with the lawyers and the Villas as to ownership and entitlement. There are several issues to investigate concerning the dock, seawall, utility easement and what are on county land.

The water drainage at the end of Bldg 1 walkway is part of the drainage issue. A comprehensive plan needs to be developed and some major work needs to be done. A filtered system is being discussed with engineers to resolve.

Waiting for Comcast to finish the update project before the siding and the insulation under the building can be done.

The pool heater is working now; during the past three to four winters there were some failures; the heater has been working for the past four to five weeks. It is 18 years old and still fixable; possibly in the future the heater may be replaced. A solar cover is really too expensive; and it would have be mechanical cover system and would require someone to do it every evening.

The meetings will be on the second Tuesday of each month. Minutes, financials, rentals/sales and information will be on the web site. The editing portion is not working as intended, so at the end of each month ads are deleted at midnight on the last day of the month and you must resubmit. Peter is implementing notifications via emails this year.

New Business: Comcast is rewiring the whole complex with digital cable that will be a great improvement. Unit owners must have a key to the units in the key box.
Donna is working on the Clubhouse renovation committee anyone interested to join please do.
Vote on the Rollover of Surplus Funds from the 2004 Operating Budget into 2005. There were 46 votes in favor and 1 abstained. Vote carried in favor.

Announcement of the Directors: Brian Kirkpatrick, Peter Grant, Donna Gerritsen and Ty Bevington. There will be one opening after this meeting as Stu Lewis is retiring. This vacancy will be filled at the next Board of Directors meeting.

Motion to adjourn.

Kay Connor, CAM
For the Board